One of the most popular activities to enjoy a good time in Mallorca is diving.

One of the most popular activities to enjoy a good time in Mallorca is diving. In fact, an increasing number of people decide to come to Mallorca to enjoy the good weather and diving in Mallorca.

Although the temperatures in Mallorca are colder in winter, in summer it is quite the opposite and bathing in the Mediterranean Sea is a real pleasure. Moreover, in Mallorca we have 300 days of sun in a year which enables us to enjoy the good weather for most of the year round.

Another of Mallorca’s attractions are the different areas where you can find natural parks that are ideal for diving in Mallorca and doing all types of water sports.

That’s why, if you are organising your trip to Mallorca, don’t hesitate to discover some of the places to dive in Mallorca that we recommend in this post.


The archipelago of Cabrera is a natural reserve which is situated in the south of Mallorca. It is, without a doubt, one of Mallorca’s most beautiful diving sites. In this area, you can enjoy a splendid biodiversity which is very well preserved. Some of the marine species you can find are starfish, dolphins, sea turtles, sea horses... 

Cabrera also stands out for the Cova Azul (Blue Cave), known in particular for its sparkling waters and fish stocks. In Cabrera you will be able to find all types of marine species, from fish like groupers, black corb, sea bream, sea bass or morays.

Without a doubt, this is one of the best diving spots in Mallorca.

Malgrats Islands

The Malgrats Islands are islands near to the coast of Calvia. To access the diving places, you usually go from the Club Náutico de Santa Ponsa (Santa Ponsa Sailing Club) or Port Adriano.

Since 2004, this area has been categorised as the Reserva Natural de las Islas Malgrats (Malgrats Islands Nature Reserve). This enables the ecosystem and enormous biodiversity that exists on the sea floor of the Malgrats Islands to be preserved. 

One of the biggest attractions of the Malgrats Islands is, without a doubt, visiting the Posidonia oceanica meadows (also known as Neptune grass). This type of plant is prevalent in Mallorca and the Mediterranean Sea in particular.

Nowadays, we can find a sunken ship that enhances the marine life of the area, since it protects and provides shelter to all of the marine fauna of the Magrats Islands. Hence, if you want to see fish, jellyfish, tortoises, seaweed and many more animals, don’t hesitate to choose the Malgrats Islands for diving.

Dragonera Island

Also situated in the southwest of Mallorca, on Dragonera Island, is one of the most beautiful diving sites Mallorca has to offer. Sa Dragonera is particularly famous for its wonderful caves. On Dragonera, you can discover different amphipods and lobsters on the steep cliffs.

To reach the island, you can choose to go from the port of Andratx or from Sant Elmo, the coastal area nearest to la Dragonera. The latter option is the most common, since the boat that crosses is a typical Mallorcan boat, but both options are ideal to enjoying diving in Mallorca.

Illa del Toro

Another of the most popular spots to enjoy diving in Mallorca is the diving site at del Toro, near to Santa Ponsa, in the southwest of the island of Mallorca.

The conditions in el Toro are ideal for scuba diving. Here, the vast biodiversity that you can find stands out. You will be able to find species such as morays, scorpion fish, mackerel, dragonfish...

At a depth of more than 40 metres, you can find a sloping wall full of holes, which form small caves that are ideal for octopuses to hide in. Don’t hesitate to choose Illa del Toro to enjoy the company of fish and the magnificent views of the open sea.


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