Enjoy all the secrets that the historical centre of Alcúdia offers you

Alcudia; a town with a history

Alcudia is pure history. A quiet walk around the historical streets of the old town is following the footprints the different civilizations who have lived in Alcudia throughout its history. From SeaClub we assure you that if you choose Alcudia as a holiday destination you'll travel back in time, almost as far back and Roman times back to the 21st century.

Alcudia hides a real treasure in its old town that is worth discovering step by step. The first thing to draw your attention when you get to Alcudia are the walls around the old town, that seem to still protect the city from an attack by sea. Some of the doors in the old wall are National Monuments: The Porta del Moll (Puerta de Xara) and the Puerta de Mallorca (Porta de Sebastià) where only a few feet away you'll find the Church of Sant Jaume, a must-see during your visit to Alcudia.

Continue to walk leisurely down the old town of Alcudia and be surprised by the number of palaces and "Casals" such as Can Torró, the magnificent eighth century house that today holds one of the best libraries in the Balearic Islands, or Can Fondo, among others. Choose the street you like best in this old town filled with delicious hidden spots and discover buildings with a history such as the Town Hall of Alcudia, a very unique 1920's building, with a clock that really stands out.

Once you have seen the historical part of town, it is time to dive into the streets with small local shops and charming restaurants that create an atmosphere that reminds you of different times and where many surprises are still awaiting you: the remains of the old Roman city of Pollentia, a historical luxury you can't afford to miss... but we'll leave that for the next post.

From SeaClub we recommend reaching the old town on bikes (you can hire them at reception) or on foot if you feel like it (a 20-minute walk). At reception they will be happy to indicate the shortest route.

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