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Coves and beaches in Alcudia 2019
Seaclub Alcudia we’ve created a small updated guide to tell you all about the best coves and beaches.

Summeris approaching, temperature’s rising and the lovely weather is finally kickingin and will accompany us daily from now on. But what’s more, with longer daysand marvellous warm temperatures, our skin will also get a boost of that much-lovedtan. Forgotten is that pale, white veil that we carried around during mostwinter days!

Ahhh…But, to make this even more real, here at SeaClub Alcudia we are going to tellyou all about the top beaches and coves that you’ll be able to find in andaround Alcudia.

Alcudia Beach
Let’s start withthe beach located right at the heart of Alcudia, in the North of Mallorca. Thisbeach is over 7 Km long, and so is also one of the longest beaches in Mallorcaand the entire Balearic Islands. Its fine, white sand and crystal-clear watersmanage to captivate each and every one of the visitors and inhabitants of thesouthern part of the island.

There,you’ll be able to enjoy a multitude of watersports such as kayaking, scuba diving, snorkelling or simply renting out apedalo, among other activities.

Ifyou get hungry or fancy a bite, don’t worry, there are many bars and“chiringuitos” around the area where you can have lunch without walking too farfrom the beach.

Cala Poncet inAlcudia

It’s a small beach of only 80 metres long, made up ofsand and a mix of small pebbles, located in Alcudia. The small size indeedmakes for a greater sense of tranquillity and intimacy.

The water there is quite shallow, which makes this anideal beach for families travelling with children. This way, though supervisedof course, they can play in the fresh water too!

There are also bars and some restaurants around incase you get hungry.


This beach isn’t too big either. It is about 150metres long, and its name derives from the small islet located right in frontof the seashore. The sand here is thicker or heavier than normal, mixed withsmall pebbles with a distinct greyish tone.

It is an ideal beach to enjoy a family day out by thesea, sunbathe or simply go out for a beachy picnic under the sun.

Furthermore, the rich and beautiful seabed here makesfor a wide range of water sports andactivities such as snorkelling or kayaking.

Platja de Muro

If you have already made your way through all thebeautiful beaches in Alcudia, it’s time to move around a little. To the leftAlcudia, is the famous Platja de Muro.

This beach has a total longitude of 5 Km of fine whitesand. Since it is also surrounded by the natural environment of the ParcNatural de S’albufera (natural park), it’s been named a Natural Area of SpecialInterest. You might actually be lucky enough to see unique species of fishesand birds around!

The beach is perfect for families due to it beingquite spacious, although its shallow waters play a big part in this too.Additionally, there is also security service available throughout the entireday.

If you wish to do more than just sunbathing, thePlatja de Muro is also ideal to enjoy some hiking trails in the nearby forestarea or simply a relaxing walk along the shore.

You can also check out the numerous water sportsavailable here, such as windsurfing, given the privileged location of thebeach.

Stay in SeaClub Alcudia

SeaClub Mediterranean Resort is an ideal accommodation option for families andthose travelling with children. The establishment has a number ofMediterranean-style villas with vast garden areas that grant unmatched views.

Itsfantastic location means you’ll be able to easily access the best coves and beaches in Alcudia whenever you want.

AtSeaClub, children can also indulgein the best leisure offer thanks to our entertainment team, while adults canrelax by the pool or take part in one of our sports programs.

Whatare you waiting for? Just grab a towel, put on your swimming gear and head overto SeaClubMediterranean Resort. We’re waiting for you!

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