Mallorca is undoubtedly the perfect place to spend your dreamy holidays.

Mallorca is undoubtedly the perfect place to spend your dreamy holidays. Its always superb weather, its beaches and coves, as well as its unique natural surroundings attract more and more visitors. Beaches from Mallorca are the most popular in the world, but few people know some other natural charms of the island. One of the best ways to discover those charms is by going on an excursion through Mallorca. In Mallorca you can make countless excursions: short or long, through the beach or through the mountain, suitable for the whole family or better for expert excursionists...All this at your fingertips in Mallorca!

Hiking Mallorca

There are many ways to enjoy Mallorca excursions, but without a doubt the most popular is hiking. Walking through an unbeatable natural environment, feeling the fresh air and enjoying the landscape is an undeniable pleasure. If you are a hiking lover you are lucky, since you will find several options for hiking in Mallorca. The Serra de Tramuntana has a wide range of routes that you can follow, which are all very well signposted. That is why we cannot stop recommending that you put on your best boots and start discovering Mallorca step by step.

Excursions for children in Mallorca

Vacations are the best time to spend time with your loved ones, that's why traveling with your family is always fun. However, many times, it is difficult to find the perfect plan for both children and adults to enjoy. Luckily, among all the Mallorca excursions that you can go during your visit, you will also find countless excursions for children in Mallorca. In such a way, fun for the whole family is more than guaranteed.

Although children are full of energy, we are aware that some excursions may not be suitable for them, either due to difficulty or duration. The excursions for children in Mallorca are simple and short, but at the same time they run through incredible places that will leave them speechless.

Winter excursions in Mallorca

Although summer in Mallorca is the best time of year to enjoy the island's coves and beaches, winter is time for excursions. This is because, sometimes, penetrating the mountain can become an ordeal because of the scorching heat of the island. That is why the summer recommended excursions in Mallorca are short and run through the seaward side, so you can take a dip if the temperature rises.  However, winter is the perfect time to explore the mountains of Mallorca.

Most of the winter excursions in Mallorca are carried out along the Serra de Tramuntana, which is the mountain range that crosses the island of Mallorca from east to west. The top of some of the most incredible mountains in Mallorca is the perfect viewpoint to enjoy spectacular views. In addition, in the Serra de Tramuntana you will find some of the most charming towns in Mallorca, so ending your winter excursions in Mallorca with a hot chocolate in one of these magical places is a great plan.

Sea Club Alcudia

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