It will be difficult for you to decide where to eat in Mallorca due to the number of different options you will find on this island.

Mallorca, is not only a perfect place for a getaway or a dreamy vacation, but also a very special place due to its gastronomy. The typical Mallorcan cuisine is delicious but, in addition, you will find restaurants that suit all tastes on the island. As it is a place that receives many visitors every year from all corners of the world, the gastronomic offer is very wide and you will find international and national food, in addition to all the prices and styles and restaurants suitable for visiting with the whole family.

From our Sea Club Alcudia hotel we want you to enjoy your visit to the island and appreciate the best places and restaurants in the area. In addition to the delicious food, there are restaurants that are amazing because of where they are located. It will be difficult for you to decide where to eat in Mallorca due to the number of different options you will find on this island.

Restaurants in Mallorca

If you are one of those who enjoy gastronomy and good food, on your visit to Mallorca you will enjoy the best cuisine in wonderful restaurants. Here you can find some special and hidden places, less touristy, that the inhabitants of the island usually keep secret and the best restaurants in Mallorca.

If you are one of those who visit Mallorca to enjoy the sun, sand, sea and its crystal clear waters, you will enjoy the incredible restaurants located on the coast or even on the beach, a plan that the whole family will love. In places such as Muro beach or in Alcúdia area you can cool off in the sea, enjoy one of the largest, white-sand beaches on the island and eat at a restaurant on the sand, where you can enjoy friendly service. and excellent cuisine, even some evenings live music to liven up the atmosphere.

Another very interesting option is to find the hidden restaurants in the spots and villages of the Serra de Tramuntana. In some of these villages you will find the best typical Mallorcan restaurants where you can taste traditional cuisine and discover the authentic flavor of Mallorca, a must when visiting the island. In addition, you can take advantage of the day visiting the Serra de Tramuntana area, enjoy the scenery and stroll through the streets of the most charming towns in the area.

If you are looking for where to eat in Mallorca but you want something more modern and current, the island's capital has a lot to offer. In Palma you will find places to enjoy flavors and urban restaurants. If you want to enjoy the best restaurants in Palma and the least known, you will have to leave out the most popular and tourist routes and go into the beautiful cobbled streets of the old town. In addition, you can also experience the opportunity to visit the city and get to know it in depth, an unforgettable experience!

Eating in Mallorca

Whichever place you choose to eat in Mallorca you cannot leave the island without tasting the delicious typical Majorcan cuisine. Although some of the traditional dishes are somewhat special, you will surely love them! The Sea Club Alcudia hotel is the ideal place to rest after visiting the island and enjoying the incredible restaurants in Mallorca.

If you are one of those who prefer sweet, the pastry of the island is also incredible and you will love it. The delicious Mallorcan Ensaimada is a sweet already known by many and that everyone likes, ideal as a breakfast, dessert or snack and you can also find it also filled with angel hair, pastry cream or even chocolate,delicious!. Also, you have to taste one of the most typical desserts among the inhabitants of the island: the “gató de almendras”, one of the local’s favorite sweets, perfect in summer, the combination of ice cream with gató is always delicious!

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