Alcudia is one of the best family beach resorts in Spain

Alcúdia was once a fortress that protected the island from pirates. Since those distant times, the 13th century Gothic church of San Jaume, the gates of the city wall and the 14th century San Sebastian have been preserved here.

Today it is one of the best family beach resorts in Spain and certainly the best in Mallorca.

There are white sandy beaches with fine sand and a very gentle slope into the sea , which is ideal for young children. The wind blows almost continually on some beaches during the summer season, making them very popular with windsurfers.

Diving, windsurfing and cycling

On the one hand, Alcúdia is famous for its quiet and shallow beaches which are ideal for families with children. On the other, it is a recognised diving and windsurfing centre. The wind is excellent throughout most of the season.

The most interesting time to dive is September. This time is suitable for both beginners and diving enthusiasts. The underwater world here is very diverse: exotic flora and fauna delight even experienced divers.

Many city beaches in the area hire swimming equipment. There are lots of diving schools where experienced instructors teach the kids how to dive and breathe properly underwater.

Alcúdia Beaches

A large part of the Bay where the Alcúdia tourist complex is located is occupied by a magnificent beach surrounded by a crest of pine trees. From the land, it is surrounded by dense pine forests.

This is why the local beaches are famous, not only for the clean, shallow waters and fine sand (which is much appreciated by tourists with children), but also for the health-giving air.

Alcúdia Natural attractions

The Albufera Natural Park is the real attraction of the complex, and is known to be a refuge for countless birds. Every year at the same time, flocks of migratory birds from all over Europe come here to nest.

Over 270 species are believed to live here! In total, the park covers an area of 2580 hectares. It is closed to motorists and allows only walkers and cycle routes. And there is no shortage of bike rentals here.

Alcúdia Historic Sites

3 km towards the interior of the complex is the old town of Alcúdia and the ruins of the 13th century fortress that surrounds it, a unique historical monument. This fortress was once Majorca's main defence against pirates.

Today tourists with children (who are a little bit older) come here. The two-hour walking trips around the old town are usually the most popular, first to the walls of the fortress and then along the narrow streets between the huge medieval houses.

The Alcúdia coast

The coast is 8 km long and has many restaurants, shops and hotels. In Alcúdia bay the sea is warm and shallow, so the complex is very popular for families with children.

The most popular part of the complex is concentrated in the port area and in Ciudad Blanca (or the "Milla de Oro"  - the Golden Mile) before the start of Lake Esperanza, along Avenida Pedro Mas y Reus and the Bellevue Club complex, which is home to many bars and restaurants.

And 3 km from the complex is the famous Alcanada Golf Club, which spreads out along the coast. The main entertainment here are discos, pubs, bars, a water park and a carting centre, all concentrated in Alcúdia in the Milla de Oro area.

It is true that typical fast food prevails in the restaurants, such as Pizza Hut, Burger King and KFC. But more traditional restaurants with cuisine from around the world and for all tastes are concentrated in the port area. There are also numerous bars.

What does it mean for a child to come to Alcúdia? Unlimited sea, sandy coast, hot sun, lush vegetation and adventures that include meeting with pirates. That's exactly what fun looks like for the kids in Alcúdia.

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