Why not plan a holiday to Alcudia during this amazing time?

Autumn is a wonderful time which marks the beginning of the end of a year with the most beautiful and wonderful colours that nature can offer. So why not plan a holiday to Alcudia during this amazing time?

Alcudia is an exuberant town located to the north of Mallorca. It is characterised by its coastal climate but, when the autumn season arrives, it becomes one of the best places to appreciate the seasonal changes that lead in to winter.

There are different things to do in Alcudia in the autumn, thanks to the freshness of its climate, its beautiful sunsets and the cosiness of its spaces.

Among the most interesting activities you can carry out in Alcudia at this time of year include a visit to the historic town centre, which contains a lot of culture; practicing the new Nordic Walking, and visiting Alcudia market, which has a large range of local products.

Get to know the historic centre of Alcudia

In the centre of Alcudia there is something to discover at every corner, and this is its history. The boundary wall is a feature of the town. Although it is limited to the town’s perimeter, from its construction, it served as a port and as a defence for this coastal area.

Leaving the medieval area of Alcudia behind, you can find some Renaissance style which will delight you, as they evoke the way of life that existed at the time when the town was founded.

Discover the churches and museums in the town, as well as the town hall, which is almost a century old and has a great visual appeal. It is, in reality, a tangible piece of history.

Practice Nordic Walking in Alcudia

Nordic walking is an activity which has been practiced in Nordic countries for quite some time, but it has started to become popular in other countries, including Spain.

Alcudia is the first Spanish town which has a park where you can fully practice Nordic walking.

So, if you are visiting Alcudia, this is the perfect time to enjoy the autumn environment while practicing a physical activity which will boost your health.

This park has different routes of various complexities, so it is best to start by getting to know the simplest route and moving to a more difficult route as you become more experienced.

Visit Alcudia market

The weekly market at Alcudia is one of the most unique markets in Mallorca and it is held twice a week by the town wall in the area by the ancient Roman city of Pollentia.

Like all local markets, here you can find local produce such as meats, spices and fruit, as well as leather goods. If you like to discover new cultures, you will be impressed by the uniqueness of the items.

The best thing about visiting the Alcudia market during the autumn is the cool weather and the closeness of winter, which means that you can enjoy seasonal products which are difficult to find at other times of the year.

Although its size can be considered as small, the number of users can vary, as in summer there is a large amount of tourists, while in the winter it is mostly used by local people. It is a market with quite variable conditions, but it is very diverse.

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