Enjoy touring from one side of Majorca to the other by bike from from Alcudia.

Majorca has grown enormously in terms ofcycle tourism. Each year thousands of visitors come to tour the island from oneend to the other on two wheels, whether alone or in groups.

Majorca offers a wide range of routes to discover,and through them you will be come upon the treasures of Majorca’s heritage aswell as the area’s native flora and fauna.

If you come to the island by yourself andyou want to join up with more people, you will find many cycling associationsthroughout the island that organise group tours. In addition, some hotels likeours, the Sea Club Mediterranean ResortAlcudia, are Cycling Friendlycertified.

Cycling Friendly

Cycling Friendly is a cycle tourism business in Majorca which, along with theSea Club, offers the necessary services for an incredible holiday on two wheels.

Services such as bike hire, cycling guides,tailored routes, transfers for cyclists...among many other services.

Services that will make it really easy foryou to holiday with your bike on the island.

Majorca’s Climate

Majorca’s all-year round warm climate enables both the inhabitants and the visitors of the island tocarry out many outdoor activities.

Thanks to Majorca’s wonderful weatherhundreds of professional and amateur cyclists meet every year to ride around the1,200 kilometres plus of roads, to discover the inland villages and theirculture, and at the same time, to enjoy the panoramic views and surroundingvegetation.

Cycling in Alcudia

If Alcudia is characteristic of anything,it is because of everything that this town in the north of the island has tooffer. You will find it reallyinteresting to discover the ruins of the old Roman town of Pollentia, orwander around its famous market that takes place on Tuesdays and Sundays from8am until 1.30pm, where you can buy handmade items as well as vegetables,fruit, bread or different cold meats.

The island also holds some cyclingcompetitions each year, such as the Challenge Mallorca or theThomas Cook Ironman, in which Alcudia is part of the competition’s route.

Routes from Alcudia

You can begin your cycling routesfrom any point on the island, depending on the difficulty and the kilometresyou are willing to do. But we will recommend a series of routes for differentlevels which have their starting point in Alcudia.

The first is the Alcudia urban route.It is 7.25 km in length with a gradient of 119 metres. You will be able todiscover the town with ease and at speed while you carry out your sport.Perfect for beginners and for getting to know places of interest.

Enjoy the sea views on the Alcudiacoastal route. It is 8.84 kilometres in length with a gradient of 68metres. This route will take you from the beach of Alcudia to the port, ridingalong the coast with beautiful sea views while you feel the sea breeze.

If you're looking for a more advancedlevel, the Coll Baix to La Victoria route is the most suitable. It is 32.63kilometres in length and has a gradient of 1,445 metres. The ride takes youalong the entire coast from the Coll Baix beach, through the port of Alcudia,until you climb to La Victoria.

Sea ClubMediterranean Resort Alcudia

Enjoy our fantastic hotel located in the Bayof Alcudia. The complex consists of beautiful villas and is surrounded by extensivegardens. It is a paradise with large swimming pools and play areas for thelittle ones.

Come to Sea Club Alcudia and stay inour family villas, our modern apartments or in our serenity apartments.

The entire Sea Club Alcudia team awaits you!

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