Fill your summer up with some incredible plans in Alcudia, the best place to enjoy your holiday in Mallorca

If there’s something Mallorca can be proud of is thevast number of options when it comes to choosing a holiday destination as asolo traveller, with a partner or the whole family. You can enjoy a quiet getawayin a charming town near the Serra de Tramuntana, a fun-filled holiday in thebustling city of Palma or, on the other hand, you can choose both: relaxationand fun. Where? In Alcudia.

Alcudia is located in the most northern point of theisland, where hundreds of visitors choose to spend their summer holidays as ameans of also avoiding the bustling and sometimes hectic nature of the capitalcity during this season.

In Alcudia you’ll find a vast range of leisureactivities on offer to enjoy daily, boredom is not an option! Keep on readingto discover some of these amazing plans.

Hidropark Alcudia

Spend allday soaked up in water at the only waterpark in the north of Mallorca: HidroparkAlcudia. Enjoy a variety of fun waterslides, perfect for adults and ideal for kids! Plus, do remember that childrencan now also have a blast in the new “Rey Tritón” pool, where they can swim andsplash around nonstop since it’s been especially made for them.

Roman city of Pollentia

Fancy a more cultural and educational outing? Then visitingthe Roman City of Pollentia, built after the Mallorcan conquest in the year 123B.C., is a tailor-made plan for you. Here you can travel back in time byvisting the city’s old Forum, the remains of the residential area of LaPortella, or the Theatre. There are still some interesting ruins of what usedto be the sacred Temple of the Capitoline Triad. It’s definitely a marvellousplan for the whole family and a great way to discover Mallorca’s history.

Alcudia Market

Every Tuesday and Sunday, near the city’s old fortress walls, the famouslocal market of Alcudia takes place. It’s one of the most famous ones on theisland! There, you can learn all about the native customs, the fresh produceand try out the delicious local gastronomy.

Head to the market on either of those two days andenjoy the incredible atmosphere and vibe, as well as the enchanting aromascoming from the freshest products sold at the typical market stalls. It’s amust!


We knowmany of you absolutely love cycling and getting lost atop a bike for kilometreson end through winding roads or rocky paths. We understand the feeling! Forthis reason, you should know that Alcudia is an ideal starting point for manycycling and cycle-tourism routes of varying difficulty levels and for all ages.Additionally, note that Alcudia is surrounded by nature and offers somespectacular views during all these scenic cycling routes, so you’ll surelyenjoy the ride!


Looking for some sun & beach vibes? Fancy a little fun? Well then,Alcudia has a beautiful beach that’s over 3.5 km long. Imagine fine, white sandand crystal-clear waters that just call out your name. Is anyone up for a swim?

The sea here is perfect to practice all sorts of watersports and activities, such as kayaking, windsurfing, paragliding or justrenting out a fun pedal boat with a slide. You can hire all the necessaryequipment at the different shops located all along the beach.

Hotels in Alcudia

You can enjoyall these activities and many more while spending your holidays in Alcudia. Ofcourse, remember you’re always more than welcome to stay at Sea Club Alcudia Mediterranean Resort, an incrediblefour-star hotel that will cater for all your needs.

Have fun atour outdoor pools, including the new Splash pool. There are also garden areasand designated spaces where children can play freely accompanied by our trainedentertainment team.

What are you waiting for? Book your room now at Sea Club Alcudia and just sit back and relax.See you soon!

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