In Mallorca you can already breathe the Christmas atmosphere. Experience the magic of a Christmas

You can alreadyfeel the magic of Christmas on the streets of Mallorca. At Sea Club in Alcudiawe have now gone into Christmas mode and we want to spread the Christmas spiritby providing you with a small compilation of the best things for enjoying aholiday in Mallorca, no matter how old you are.

An unmissabletrip during your Christmas holiday in Mallorca is a visit to the centre of theMallorcan capital to enjoy the Christmas lights filling the heart of Palma citywith light and colour.

Twoactivities par excellence to do in Mallorca at Christmas are a stroll throughthe most famous Christmas markets on the island and a visit to the differentnativity scenes and mangers that are created for Christmas.

Christmas Markets in Mallorca:

Mallorca is knownfor its Christmas markets, which are held in various areas and which fill theisland with a great Christmas spirit. The diversity of the Christmas Marketsencompasses traditional and craft markets, such as the one at Sineu, to luxuryworkshops like those at the well-known Christmas Market at Puerto Portals.

Below, weprovide you with a list of the most famous Christmas markets in Mallorca:

Christmas Market Puerto Portals

From the 20thof December, Puerto Portals becomes a place full of Christmas spirit. ThisChristmas market has a great variety of stalls, products and food stalls atwhich you can enjoy traditional, national and international gastronomy.

Christmas Market in the Plaza Mayor

The PlazaMayor is one of the best destinations for a stroll through the centre of theMallorcan capital, not just because of the famous lights that illuminate thesky above the square, but also because of the great variety of Christmas stallsdisplaying decorations, gifts, and traditional foods that open in the centre ofthe square from the 21st of December.

Christmas Market in Pueblo Español

The streetmarket in Pueblo Español is one of the most magical Christmas markets in Mallorca.It is the ideal place to enjoy a stroll and wander the streets and stalls ofthe Pueblo Español, letting yourself be enveloped by the Christmas spirit inthe purest Mallorcan style. This is, without a doubt, one of the mostincredible and magical Christmas markets on the island, and the little ones canalso visit Father Christmas.

Christmas Market in Sineu

The Christmasstreet market in Sineu is one of the most traditional Christmas markets in Mallorca.This town is recognised for its large craft markets which, at Christmas time,are full of Christmas spirit and promote the crafts and economy of the town.

The nativity scene route throughPalma

Another ofthe activities par excellence of a Mallorcan Christmas is a tour of thedifferent nativity scenes and mangers that are set up in the capital. Below, weprovide a list of the official nativity scenes of Mallorca:

Mallorcan Nativity Scene at Cort and Buzón Real, the Ajuntament de Palma, at Plaça de Cort; Nativity Scene at the Consell de Mallorca in Palau Reial; Mallorcan Nativity Scene at the Centro Cultural la Misericòrdia; Nativity Scene at the Fundació Bartolomé March; Traditional Mallorcan Nativity Scene at the Centre de Cultura Sa Nostra; Nativity Scene at the central shopping area of C&A and the shopping area of the El Corte Inglés; Spectacular Nativity Scene at the BBVA; and the Nativity Scene at the Centro de Historia y Cultura Militar de Baleares.

And tofinish, we could not sign off without wishing you a: Happy Christmas!


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