Discover the restaurant with Michelin Star Maca de Castro in Alcúdia

Alcúdia with a star; maca de Castro's restaurant

Those who appreciate good cuisine are in for a treat if they choose Alcúdia as their next holiday destination. As well as the multiple options available in the area, Alcúdia has one of few restaurants in Mallorca with a Michelin star; El Jardín de Macarena de Castro, recently renamed Maca de Castro.

The restaurant serves Mediterranean cuisine and the local products of the island take preference. Macarena de Castro's technique is precise and avant-garde and she and her team handle the kitchen with mastery. The restaurant first opened in 1996 under the name of El jardín (The garden) and it is known for its very personal and unique dishes with the island of Mallorca always at the core. A wide range of wine choices helps to complete the delicate offer at the restaurant. Spanish and foreign wines along with auteur labels that any wine lover will appreciate

An explosion of creativity that results in a series of sophisticated dishes served in this seasonal restaurant under Macarena's leadership. Maca de Castro has a Michelin star and two Repsol suns which confirm its status as one of the most acclaimed in the country and chef Macarena Castro as one of the best known and most appreciated chefs in Spain. She has been chosen twice to cater for the King and Queen of Spain at the Palacio de la Almudaina (the royal palace).

Those who are after a more relaxed option can enjoy El Jardín Bistró, located in the ground floor of Maca de Castro. It has an outdoor space where you can enjoy clearly Mediterranean and tradition inspired dishes, under the management of Toni Soler and Maca de Castro's supervision. The restaurant has a daily menu and room for 120.

If you are staying at the Sea Club, we want to remind you that Macarena de Castro's restaurant is only 300 metres away and we can handle your booking right here so you can enjoy this very unique cuisine.

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