Find out all the details of one of the most popular fairs in Alcúdia


The arrival of Easter and April mark the start of the good weather and outdoor activities become more frequent. In the town of Alcúdia, a well know spring fair takes place and attracts a large crowd: the Cuttlefish and Navigation fair, which takes place on the 13th, 14th and 15th of April in Puerto de Alcúdia.

The XIII edition of the fair includes boats, food markets, control remote boats, activities for children, local cuisine with cuttlefish as the star ingredient, music and many other surprises. The Cuttlefish and Navigation fair is a unique opportunity to enjoy the high-quality cuisine brought by Alcúdia chefs who work to include cuttlefish in each of their dishes.

Throughout the three days of the fair, visitors can also enjoy a boat ride on one of the Civil Guard's Maritime Service boats, in charge of protecting the bay; a sailing demonstration; a open-door day at the Navigation School; traditional dancing and one of the most popular activities: traditional fishing. During this activity visitors enjoy a surprising learning experience about the past, present and future of the fishing trade and its promising future.

If you choose the Sea Club hotel for your stay in Mallorca and want to find out more about one of the most important fairs on the island, our reception team will be happy to provide the information you need so you know all about the new activities this XIII edition of the Cuttlefish and Navigation fair brings.

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