The best water sports that can be practiced in Alcúdia


Enjoying a holiday in Alcúdia has many advantages for water sports lovers. The climate, the wind, the amazing bay and excellent water temperature are very good reasons to choose this town in Mallorca as a base for water sport practice. From SeaClub we encourage you to take a look and choose your favourite activity! If you need more information and want to book an activity don't hesitate to contact our team at the reception desk who will provide useful advice.

1.A boat ride

The best option to come into contact with nature and combine sport and rest. A unique opportunity to enjoy a day at sea with the best view of the Puerto de Alcudia coasts, cliffs and hidden beaches not easily reached on foot.


2. Jet-ski

The Alcúdia bay is the perfect background for jet-ski lovers. The perfect excuse to enjoy an adrenaline rush: experience the incredible sensation of speeding over the water with the beautiful coast of Mallorca in full sight.



In the area of Alcúdia, with the incredible Cape Formentor as a backdrop, there are wonderful little coves to go diving and enjoy the beautiful seabeds, crystal clear waters and wide variety of fish in the area. Oh, to be one of them for a day!



Although the island on the whole does not provide the best wind conditions for kite surfers, there are several clubs which include kitesurfing as part of their offer. It is one of the most popular sports among sea lovers and it has already become a great hit on the beaches of Alcúdia for, like windsurfing, it is favoured by the weather on the island.



The most unspoilt and hidden side of Alcúdia is accessible by kayak. Almost 8 kilometres of spectacular landscapes, long caves, unspoilt beaches and deep waters to row through.



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