Traditional dishes on the island

In Mallorca, we like to eat, we love to get together with our friends and family and enjoy typical local food. The ingredients for typical dishes on the island come from the Majorcan vegetable patch, one of the best in the country. At the Sea Club we show you the traditional dishes on the island.

1. Frito mallorquín

Our “frito mallorquín” is delicious. A dish visitors don't usually know, but that no doubt surprises them because of its flavour. “Frito mallorquín” is a stew with several vegetables (potatoes, red peppers, onions, fennel, peas, spring beans) and lamb or pork. Everything is chopped up small and cooked together.

2. Arròs Brut

“Arròs brut” is often a main course in a family meal in Mallorca. This wet rice is prepared with typical produce from Mallorca: meat, snails, “sobrasada” and “butifarrón” (typical Majorcan sausages). It also has vegetables and mushrooms. You won’t be hungry after this dish.

3. Snails

Yep, snails. It sounds strange to eat them when we see them, but cooked in the Majorcan way they are delicious. Once you taste them you'll not be able to stop. Our recommendation is to have them with a typical Majorcan "all i oli", oil and garlic sauce.

4. Tumbet

A good side dish for fish, meat and even eggs. This dish is cooked exclusively with local vegetables and is a healthy and tasty dish. Aubergine, potatoes, tomatoes, green peppers and garlic. There isn't a more natural dish.

5. Eel pasty

In the first months of the year, we enjoy the eel season. This tasty fish, traditional in Alcudia and Sa Pobla, is ideal to have in an "espiganada" (a type of pasty).

6. Panades

Majorcan "panades" are pies made with traditional pastry, which can be found in any Majorcan bakery. Filled with lamb, meat, pork or chicken and onion.

Cold meats are also worth mentioning. “Sobrasada” and “butifarrón”, Majorcan cheese and pickles, and typical “pamboli” (Majorcan bread with oil and tomato), you can taste them in the Majorcan corner of our buffet.

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