Get to know the homemade beers and the best festivals

Dear beer lovers, you’re in luck! With the arrival of the summer we know that the number of litres of beer consumed increases (a lot) and that is why from Sea Club we’ve decided to create a beer guide in Mallorca. Here you will find the craft beer that is produced on the island and the best shops and beer festivals.

1. Craft beers

If you’re tired of drinking commercial brand beer and you want to try the craft beers from Mallorca while on your trip to the island, there’s nothing better than taking a look at the Beer Lovers factory. These lovers of hop and barley can be found very near the Sea Club facilities, in Alcudia.

At Beer Lovers they produce up to 6 different types of beers: Blat Witbier, refreshing with a slight acid taste and golden in colour; Llop, golden and dry; Bram Amber Ale, amber in colour and sweet because of the malt; Broll, golden with an intense hop taste; Dipa, looks like gold and has a citric and tropical taste; and lastly, Necro, black beer with a toasted malt flavour. You will find their beers in many bars in Alcudia and its surroundings.

2. Beer shop

Besides Beer Lovers, very close to Alcudia you will find a local beer shop. Beer Room Mallorca, in Inca, is more than just a beer shop; it’s a place where to enjoy an experience. There you will find some of the best craft beers made on the island, all local.

3. Beer festival

If you want to enjoy German beer, there’s nothing better than Oktoberfest. This beer festival is celebrated in Alcudia during the month of September. For more information, don’t hesitate to ask at our reception.

And if you visit an island in the month of May, we recommend you go to Palma and enjoy Beer Palma, a craft beer festival with amazing views of the cathedral.

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