Find out about the patron of Alcudia

July is not far off and the city of Alcudia is getting ready for their local celebration: the fiestas of Sant Jaume, as Saint James is the patron of the city. If coming to Alcudia for your summer holidays is always a good idea, doing so in July becomes an unforgettable experience. From Sea Club we want to share all the information about this festivity with you.

What the fests of Sant Jaume are

The fiestas of Sant Jaume celebrate the Patron Saint of Alcudia, where the Sea Club Resort is. These fiestas are loved by local citizens and the thousands of tourists who visit the city at this time of year. Saint James is on the 25th of July, but the fiestas begin a week earlier, on the 18th of July.

What to do during the fests of Sant Jaume

During the week from the 18th to the 25th of July, the city of Alcudia offers countless activities to enjoy a great time. Concerts, festivals, theatre, exhibitions, and religious celebrations like the mass of Saint James.

The fiestas start with the "pregón", an initial speech that takes place from 18h to 20h in the evening. On the 19th one of the most spectacular activities takes place: the “bote con caballo”, horse bouncing, accompanied by music. An incredible spectacle for visitors. Another cultural activity you must take advantage of is the open doors to the archaeological area of Pollentia, on the 21st at 19h, where you can enjoy taking a look at the remains of an ancient Roman city. On the 25th, on Saint James’ day, many activities for all ages take place.

The Triennial procession of the Sacred Christ

On the 26th, at the end of the Sant Jaume fiestas, the most fascinating activity takes place. Discover the local citizens' passion for the Triennial Procession of the Sacred Christ, where they thank him for ending the water drought in 1507.

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