Hi, everyone!

My name is Toni Socias, I am Sea Club’s Maintenance Manager, that is to say, the “hotel’s Doctor”: responsible for ensuring that everything is in optimal conditions and works properly and for having it fixed as soon as possible if it isn’t. To do so, I count on a team of 10 people made up of pool attendants, gardeners, painters, plumbers, electricians and bricklayers.

I’ve been working in Sea Club for the last 24 years, which I could say has allowed me to get to know the hotel like the back of my hand over the years. I’m quite sure that many of you have seen me doing my morning “patrol” around the hotel. Both my team and I try to do our job the best we can because we understand that one of the things that matter the most is that everything works perfectly. To accomplish that thorough preventive maintenance tasks are carried out during the winter months,yet, as we all know from our own homes, some faults are both unpredictable and inevitable, in those cases we try to have them fixed with the highest degree of effectiveness

As many of you may know, In Seaclub Resort we are really committed to our respect for the environment, proof of that is that we work in accordance with ISO14001 (Environmental Management System). Like this another important part of our job is concerning for proper waste management daily, together with the optimal waterand energy consumption always seeking efficient and environmentally friendly systems.

After so many years Seaclub has become my second home and provided me with plenty of stories andexperiences. I may consider saving a next post to tell you some of them so wecan laugh for a while!

At a personal level Iwould like to highlight that I’m a very sporty person and that I live in avillage that holds one of the best known and most followed festivals in Mallorca: Sant Antoni’s Fair in Sa Pobla. I’m talking about a very special celebration, very traditional, full of history, special recipes,loads of music, bonfires and heat…in my next post I will talk about it in moredetail although I encourage you all to come to Sa Pobla next January so you can experience this very much our own party in person

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