If you want to go on vacation with your family, Sea Club is the ideal place to spend a great family vacation.

Do you want to go away on holiday but don’t know what to do with children in Mallorca? Start planning your holiday with your family on the island now. The most popular months for planning your holiday are the summer months. But why is that? In summer you can find more activities to enjoy, whether you come with friends or with family. They will be able to enjoy the island’s water activities and water parks.

Mallorca is home to a wide variety of activities to entertain the youngest members of the family. But in order to plan the activities that you can do during your stay in Mallorca, first you would need to find a family hotel in Mallorca for you to stay at.

In Mallorca, there are many hotels you could stay in with your family. But we want to recommend that you stay with us. Seaclub Mediterranean Resort is situated in Alcudia and is the ideal hotel for spending a few days with family. Alcudia is one of the most iconic towns on the island and where you can find activities to do with children in Mallorca.

A family holiday in Mallorca

Enjoy a complete family holiday in Mallorca. The first thing is to stay at Seaclub Mediterranean Resort, the ideal accommodation for families with children. You will be able to enjoy a few relaxing days, play sport, try Mallorcan gastronomy, drink and even the youngest members of the family will have a variety of different spaces to enjoy.

If you want your family holiday in Mallorca to be fun, entertaining and be able to make the most of these days to relax, Seaclub Mediterranean Resort is perfect for a fantastic holiday full of activities and leisure.

At Seaclub we have a wide range of activities for entertaining children without the need to leave the resort. One of the things you can find for children over the age of 4 is a Magic Garden, equipped with a ball pool, mazes, trampolines and much more.

At Seaclub, you will find activities for children of different ages. In the Junior & Teens area, children over the age of 9 can enjoy team activities, develop their imagination and play sport with other children of similar ages.

We also offer activities that children of all ages, big and small, can take part in. During the afternoons, we perform shows that consist of getting children together so they can have fun singing and dancing.

We also have an extensive programme of activities for adults. At our Seaclub hotel, you will find areas where you can play sport or use the massage services so you can relax. To end the day, you can enjoy a show where there will be games, competitions and much more.

Family hotels in Mallorca

Undoubtedly, if you are travelling with children, the best accommodation is one of the family hotels in Mallorca. These hotels are tailored for holidays that are full of fun and entertainment for all ages. At Seaclub Mediterranean Resort we have activities to make your stay with us one of the best, and so the memories of your holiday in Mallorca remain with you for a long time.

Sea Club Alcudia Mallorca

Seaclub Alcudia Mallorca is a resort in which you can spend a few days in the company of your family. It’s the perfect place to spend time with your loved ones. Also, if you are travelling with children, at Seaclub we have everything you need to enjoy an unforgettable family holiday.

At Seaclub, you will have a large garden you can spend time in with your loved ones, not forgetting the swimming pool! You’ll never get bored at Seaclub, you will always find activities to keep you entertained. For your next holiday, we look forward to welcoming you at Seaclub!


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