Seaclub Alcudia is one of the best hotels in Mallorca for children

If you want to go on holiday to Mallorca with the whole family and aren’t sure where to stay, don’t worry...Seaclub Alcudia is one of the best hotels in Mallorca for children! At Seaclub, you can relax and build stronger bonds with your children and partner during your holiday.

We recommend you stay at our SeaClub Alcudia hotel because it is one of the best hotels in Mallorca to enjoy with the whole family. Our resort is called SeaClub Alcudia because it is located in Alcudia, one of the island of Mallorca’s most popular tourist spots.

SeaClub Alcudia

As we mentioned above, the Sea Club Alcudia hotel is geared towards family enjoyment. We have many rooms that can be tailored to your needs and, above all, to your budget. Our rooms are designed for both large and small families. Here at Sea Club Alcudia, we have everything you need to have fun with your family.

Activities with children in Alcudia

If you are looking for your children to enjoy their holiday in Palma de Mallorca to the max, this is the best option for ensuring that they enjoy themselves with total freedom.

By staying at SeaClub Alcudia, you can enjoy a wide variety of activities with children in Alcudia. Below, we outline the different activities for children that we offer at SeaClub Alcudia. There’s no space for boredom!

Mini disco and children’s shows

At SeaClub Alcudia we have a mini disco and children’s shows so the little ones can have fun and switch off from the world of technology. You can enjoy this activity alongside children several times a week with an afternoon/evening slot.

Water activities

At SeaClub Alcudia, the younger members of the family can enjoy the different water activities organised by our entertainers. At Seaclub we encourage fun as well as sport. Our water activities will ensure that the children use up all their energy, as our entertainers have a wide range of games up their sleeves.   

Special activities

If the above doesn’t seem enough, we have other enjoyable and entertaining activities that children can take part in. One of the most popular activities is pony riding, where children are able to connect more with nature and with the animals.

For children who prefer to do things their own way, we offer equipment and space to play a variety of sports including volleyball, basketball, football or tennis.

What to do in Alcudia

From SeaClub Alcudia, you can travel around Alcudia’s most famous tourist spots easily by bike. Don’t worry about a thing, at our resort we have a bike hire service in Alcudia.

We also offer you guided tours on which we tell you about Mallorca’s history and show you the most iconic places. This way, we can recommend things for you to see in Alcudia and how to get there.

In the surrounding area of SeaClub Alcudia, you can find a wide variety of restaurants where you can try our Mallorcan and international gastronomy.

Come and enjoy a few days in Alcudia with us. You won’t regret making this decision because you will enjoy an entertaining holiday in Mallorca and, above all, you will enjoy it as a family.


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