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Enjoy the sun, sand and sea in an idyllic and captivating natural space. Puerto de Alcudia, also known in Catalan as Port d’Alcúdia, is situated towards the North East of Mallorca. Today, this ancient Roman port is an key tourist centre on the island.

Markets, boulevards and many beaches make Puerto de Alcudia an ideal place to spend your holiday and forget about the hectic pace of everyday life for a while. Fabulous beaches like s'Illot, Sant Pere, Sant Joan, Alcanada and Coll Baix are very near to Puerto de Alcudia.

But that’s not all! Stay with us at the SeaClub and we will tell you about all the activities you can do in Puerto de Alcudia.

What to do in Puerto de Alcudia

Take a quick walk around the port and you will see all the boats that choose Puerto de Alcudia, including yachts and boats for sports use. The port features a commercial area and another area for small boats and yachts. There are also many markets and other tourist centres.

Water sports in Puerto de Alcudia

You can enjoy water sports all year round, but especially on hot summer days where the sea is the main attraction. Take to the sea on a jet ski or test your skills water skiing, windsurfing or flyboarding.

If you love the underwater world, you can hire the equipment you need, or even learn to dive in the crystal clear waters of Puerto de Alcudia’s beaches. Have you tried parasailing? Take off from the water with your friends on a parasail and scream with excitement and adrenaline while you fly up into the sky.

You can also hire a kayak, or simply have fun on a Banana or water sofa. Puerto de Alcudia trips are also popular at SeaClub where you can sail to other parts of the island, visiting Mallorca’s caves and exotic locations.

Cycling, trekking and hiking

Puerto de Alcudia is more than just beaches. It is an extremely active Mallorcan municipality which, year after year, is home to major competitions of international fame. The island is popular for sports and you will find agencies in many areas that will enable you to take part in some of them.

Puerto de Alcudia is particularly popular for cycling tourism. If you want to ride on two wheels by the sea, there are plenty of places on the coast with cycle lanes that cover most of the island.

The most popular activities also include trekking and hiking. If you love walking in natural environments and being in the heart of nature, these two options are wonderful, and can take anything from a few hours to an entire day, and even several days, if you like.

Golf is also a popular sport in this part of the Balearic Islands.

Markets and food

Throughout the year, you have the opportunity to visit the picturesque markets on the island. But particularly during the hottest time of year, there are markets in the squares and some evening open air markets that generate interest, while also being part of the attractions that Puerto de Alcudia has to offer.

In terms of gastronomy, Puerto Alcudia has it all. Enjoy the restaurants, bars, taverns and food establishments that are scattered throughout the port and offer you excellent Mediterranean cuisine and typical local dishes. The wide variety of Mallorcan cuisine is there to delight you.

Holidays in Puerto de Alcudia

You probably now have a good idea of what you can do in Puerto de Alcudia, but where should you stay? SeaClub is the perfect combination of comfort, excellent service and enjoyment as a family or couple, so that your holiday is simply perfect.

Don’t miss out on the fantastic experience of getting away from it all and enjoying yourself in our facilities. We look forward to welcoming you!


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