For your holiday in Mallorca you are going to need to choose a place to stay and…why not choose a hotel in Alcudia?

For your holiday in Mallorca you are going to need to choose a place to stay and…why not choose a hotel in Alcudia? This Mallorcan town is ideal for some rest and relaxation, and for losing track of time, but it is also ideal if you also want to have fun and enjoy all kinds of activities. 


Choosing a hotel in Alcudia is the perfect option for an unforgettable holiday in Mallorca. Because it has as much coastal area as it does mountain area, you will always have thousands of activities to choose from. 


What’s more, it is also the perfect choice if you are travelling with children. They can swim and have a great time on the beach, but afterwards, they can also get to know Mallorca’s flora and fauna while they stroll through the spectacular Albufera de Alcudia


Do you want to know more about Alcudia and the hotels in Alcudia? Keep reading!


Alcudia is a town in the north of Mallorca where you can enjoy getting to know the island’s different landscapes. You can take a stroll and see the stunning and famous Serra de Tramuntana, but you can also sail and relax in the sunshine. 


Choosing a hotel in Alcudia for your accommodation will enable you to discover symbolic Mallorcan locations such as the Roman ruins of the ancient town of Pollentia. Due to its privileged location, Alcudia has a lot of history and through this monument, and many others, you can learn about its history in depth. 


One of these historic monuments that you shouldn’t miss seeing is the town’s city walls and historic centre. This is a pedestrianised area where you will discover the traditional buildings of the area and see how the town has evolved with the passing of time.   


But that is not all! Alcudia also has an aqua park where all the family can have a great time and enjoy a day out on the different attractions and all the services that this aqua park has to offer. 


If, alternatively, you are looking for a different plan, you can stroll around the Albufera de Mallorca and find out about the flora and fauna of the area. There are also specific places where you can watch the birds and learn all about the birds that live or nest in Mallorca

Beaches in Alcudia

Another thing that you can do to enjoy your holiday in Mallorca is to visit its different beaches. Today we want to tell you about the beaches in Alcudia, about the differences between them and all the services they possess. 


If you are looking for a sandy beach in Alcudia, the first one that comes to mind is Puerto de Alcudia beach. This is a tourist beach but, as it is over 3 kilometres long, you will always find a space in which to lie down and enjoy the surroundings. The beach also has toilets, beach bars, parasols and sun loungers.  


If, alternatively, you are looking for a rocky beach, we recommend the beach at Aucanada. This beach has crystalline waters and is very much frequented by local people. It is surrounded by pine forests which create an idyllic setting. 

SeaClub Resort Alcudia

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