Spring in Mallorca is a wonderful time of year where you will be able to see the rebirth of nature on the island.

Spring in Mallorca is a wonderful time of year where you will be able to see the rebirth of nature on the island. It is also the season when the good weather starts and cities bloom with colour thanks to the trees and flowers that begin to celebrate the start of the season.

Alcudia is a town situated in the north of Mallorca. This town is known for its good weather nearly all year round. In Spring, many tourists choose to go to Mallorca for the variety of activities on offer and for the incredible landscapes.

Activities in Mallorca

Before the tourist high season arrives, the lucky ones can enjoy the calm of Mallorca accompanied by the good weather. Particularly during the months of April, May and June the crowds haven’t yet arrived and we can notice this on the beaches, among other places, which aren’t too busy. 

One of the most popular activities and a reason why many people visit the island of Mallorca is for its fantastic beaches. People begin going to the beach and enjoying Majorca’s climate in the spring.

There are lots of activities to do in the spring months in Mallorca. For those who love activities like hiking or cycling, you will enjoy the best weather in spring for doing these activities in Mallorca.

In particular, in Alcudia, near to our SeaClub hotel, there are trips like the one to Victoria, the ideal place to spend a few days with your loved ones enjoying some incredible views.

For cycling tourism, Alcudia has everything you need, as it is near to the Serra de Tramuntana (Tramuntana mountain range) and has a large number of routes for you to do.

Alcudia’s market is held twice a week in Alcudia’s historic quarter and is a very popular activity across the entire island. In the market, you will discover customs, products and the local gastronomy.

However, if you want to find the best prices, without a shadow of a doubt, it's best to come to Mallorca in the spring, as the prices are much more affordable before the start of the high season. 

Tourism in Mallorca

There are many places to visit in Mallorca during the summer. You can find a wide variety of places that you are will love throughout the whole island.

Spring is the ideal season for tourism in Mallorca, as the scorching hot weather of summer hasn’t arrived yet and it isn’t cold either. This way, you will be able to enjoy the long days of spring with the best weather possible. 

Mallorca Cathedral

Mallorca Cathedral is located in Palma's historic quarter, just a few metres from the sea. It is the most visited monument on the island of Mallorca and is a must-visit on your holiday in Mallorca. Additionally, in spring, the colours of the flowers and gardens that surround this fantastic Mallorcan monument are admired by all. Don’t leave without paying the capital a visit and enjoying the views of Palma's Paseo Marítimo (Seafront promenade).

Alcudia's Albufera

The Albufera Natural Park is a very different place compared to the rest of the island. It contains a variety of species of fauna and flora which are native to Mallorca. One of the main animal species you will find in Alcudia's Albufera natural park are the birds, although you can also find frogs, tortoises, reptiles, small mammals... It is the ideal place to enjoy a different Mallorcan landscape and it is located very near to our Sea Club hotel in Alcudia.


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