The amazing town of Alcudia is located in the north of the island of Mallorca.

The amazing town of Alcudia is located in the north of the island of Mallorca. It is a distinct and exclusive place on the island. Its interesting history, its awesome landscapes and its breathtaking beaches make it the perfect place to unwind during your holidays in Mallorca. If you are awaiting for a few days to rest and relax, do not hesitate to choose Alcudia.

Alcudia is a town steeped in history and where you will find all kinds of places to rest, but at the same time you will enjoy a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Due to its advantaged location between the sea and the mountain (Serra de Tramuntana) you will find one and only places.

One of the monuments that you must visit during your holidays in Mallorca is the Medieval Walls of Alcudia. Despite the fact that a largest part was demolished to let the city grow, much of it survive intact, with its distinctive main entrance and exit gates to the city. Furthermore, if you finally visit it , could be a good idea to discover the old town of Alcudia.

As we have mentioned before, this town in the north of Mallorca has a lot of history. So much so, that it is the only place in Mallorca where we find Roman ruins and culture. In Alcudia you will find the Roman city of Pollentia. In it you will find a forum, a theater and a residential area.

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Alcúdia weather

If Mallorca is known for something, it is for its nice weather. Thanks to the Mediterranean climate, in Mallorca you can enjoy the sun and good weather most of the year. There are very few rainy days.

The rainy months in Mallorca belong only to the winter season. From spring to autumn we enjoy warm temperatures that are highlighted with the summer approach. If you are a hot weather lover, the summer time in Mallorca is perfect for you. You will enjoy high temperatures while you unwind and sunbathe.

The hottest month in Mallorca is undoubtedly August. Thermometers mark temperatures between 30ºC and 40ºC. During the summer months in Mallorca you will enjoy cooling off in the Mediterranean Sea, where the crystal clear waters of Mallorca will be at the perfect temperature for you to enjoy awesome dips in the sea.

The ideal months for cycling and trekking tours through Serra de Tramuntana are April, May, September and October. The temperatures begin to rise and you can still enjoy the sun without being extremely hot.

Best Alcúdia beaches

Undoubtedly Alcudia is acclaimed for its marvelous beaches. This seaside town hides some of the most charming beaches in Mallorca. In Alcudia you will find both: kilometric sandbanks and small stone coves. Some of these coves in Mallorca could be accessed after a wonderful stroll through the mountains of Mallorca.

An example of a sandy beach in Alcudia is Playa de Alcudia. This beach full of services is a sandy area with crystal clear waters where you can practice all kinds of water sports. In addition, it has a parking area, lifeguard, showers and toilets. Alcudia beach has everything you need to make your day perfect.

On the other hand, in terms of stone coves, we find Coll Baix. It is a virgin beach without services so, do not forget to bring all you coul need. It could be accessed after a 20-minute walk. The path that leads to the beach is full of stones, so comfortable shoes are recommended.


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