If you are looking for a sustainable hotel in Mallorca, without a doubt, Seaclub is the place to be.

If you are looking for a sustainable hotel in Mallorca, without a doubt, Seaclub is the place to be. In our hotel in Mallorca, we take into account all the details. That is why we want to offer the best service while being aware of the global problem of climate change.

We are an eco-friendly hotel in Mallorca: we carry out different actions that we want to transmit, both to all the members of SeaClub and to all our clients. We believe that looking after the environment not only depends on us but on everyone.

Today we want to show you all the reasons why choosing a sustainable hotel in Mallorca is the most appropriate option when looking for accommodation in Mallorca. It is a way to enjoy an unforgettable trip, but at the same time show awareness of the environment.

We want to make all our actions known to you so that you can also carry them at home, and together create a much more sustainable world. If you are interested and you are fighting for a better world and against climate change, don't hesitate to discover everything that SeaClub has prepared for you.

Eco-friendly Hotels

There are not many sustainable hotels in Mallorca: it is because there are many requirements that have to be carried out for a hotel to be qualified as sustainable.

But there are more and more sustainable hotels in Mallorca and this is just good news! In addition, we have no doubt that SeaClub is the best sustainable hotel in Mallorca. The reason? We will tell you later. Today we want to explain the requirements to make a hotel sustainable.

The main one, as expected, is not to use plastic. But buying biodegradable products or using efficient lighting are also required items. Buying from local suppliers or recycling garbage are other requirements.

What to do to look after the environment

SeaClub mainly carries out five actions to take care of the environment. All of them seek to slow down climate change as much as possible. Today we want to explain them all to you, and also their benefits, so that you do not hesitate to choose this sustainable hotel in Mallorca.

The first one we want to talk to you about is the reduction of Food Waste. We work with applications like Too Good To Go so that all the food left over from our buffets is not thrown away and someone can enjoy it. In this way, we have saved up to 176 food packs.

Another action is the production of electricity through our photovoltaic power plant. Thanks to it we have generated 13 MWH and have avoided up to 10 tons of greenhouse gases. Renewable energies are a sustainable option that we believe is basic in places like our hotel.

Thanks to the geothermal system that we have at SeaClub, we have also managed to reduce our carbon footprint in the form of tons of CO₂. And finally, we have committed ourselves to the SDG Objectives of the 2030 Agenda to fulfill them and thus be able to offer a unique service.


Seaclub is that sustainable hotel in Mallorca that is ideal for traveling as a couple, with friends or as a family. And its benefits are not only linked to its sustainability, but it also has many other advantages. Located in Alcudia, it has everything you need to make your holidays in Mallorca perfect.

The SeaClub apartments are spacious, bright and comfortable, but those are not the only advantages of this aparthotel in Mallorca. SeaClub has services and facilities for adults and children.

SeaClub is a family hotel in Mallorca with a multitude of activities for the little ones. From a children's pool to a special place where they will have fun doing all kinds of activities.

We are waiting for you at SeaClub!

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