Wine in Mallorca is becoming more and more popular.

Wine in Mallorca is becoming more and more popular. Thanks to the different wineries and denominations of origin on the island, different and high-quality wines have been obtained.

Wine tourism is an excellent way to discover Mallorca, due to the variety of wineries that can be found throughout the island. Furthermore, in recent years, the number of wineries in Mallorca has grown exponentially.

So, that you know more about wine in Mallorca, we are going to leave you a little information on this interesting topic. History of wine in Mallorca, designations of origin, wineries where you can do wine tastings in Mallorca ... Everything you need to know about wine in Mallorca.

Wine tourism in Mallorca

To learn in depth about the wine of Mallorca, we must know about its history: the history of wine in Mallorca goes back to ancestral times. It is said that when the Romans conquered Mallorca in 123 BC, they already began to exploit the land, planting the first vineyards in Mallorca.

But if something has marked the wine of Mallorca, it is the phylloxera of the grapevine, a small gnat that wiped out all the vineyards on the island in 1891. And it took ten years to be able to grow vines in Mallorca again.

Since then, many wineries have been planting vineyards to recover and maintain that tradition of wine in Mallorca. Formerly, wine was made only for the family. It was in 1931 when the first winery in Mallorca began to make wine to market, and not only for its own consumption.

Denominations of origin in Mallorca

There are different denominations of origin in Mallorca due to the different soils of the island. Although all the wines made in Mallorca are certified with “vi de la tierra”, to obtain one of the different denominations of origin in Mallorca they have to meet certain requirements.

The oldest denomination of origin in Mallorca is the D.O. Binissalem. Due to the stony soil of this area and the quality of their lands, they have always stood out for making premium wines. To obtain the D.O. Binissalem, the vines have to be within Binissalem, or the neighboring towns, which are: Consell, Santa Maria, Sencelles and Biniali.

In the rest of Mallorca we find the D.O. Pla i Llevant. A broader designation of origin due to its more similar soils. Pla i Llevant has 14 wineries, with 47 vine growers and more than 472 hectares of vineyards.



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