(Lanterns Festival) is a traditional Mallorcan festival celebrated mainly in Alcudia on 24 August. At night, the town's parents and their children take to the streets with their own lanterns, crafted from watermelon.

This tradition started many years ago, when parents and grandparents let their creativity run wild creating toys for their children and grandchildren. Making a lantern from a melon or watermelon is no mean feat. Year after year, more and more people joined the craze until eventually, the entire town took to the streets, singing and illuminating the dark nights.


To prepare a lantern, all you have to do is purchase a watermelon, scrape its rind to create a drawing that you like, empty out the fruit, affix a handle and voilà! You're ready to take part in this original Mallorcan festival.


To locals, the event is a special occasion, as our mascot Toby arrived in Alcudia thanks to the light provided by the ‘llanternes’. If you haven't heard his story, let us give you a little taster of who he is and how he reached SeaClub.

Toby is a loggerhead turtle from Florida. He saw enchanting lights in the distance and decided to embark upon an adventure and find out what they were. He swam all the way to Alcudia and finally satisfied his curiosity: the lights were carried by the town's children in their magical lanterns. Toby liked it so much that he decided to stay with the children at SeaClub and now they're the best of friends.

At Sea Club Mediterranean Resort we always have activities prepared so that the kids have a great time without leaving the hotel and so that parents can enjoy some well-earned downtime.

Coinciding with Toby's arrival and birthday, the event is a very special occasion for us, which we're going to celebrate in style. TobyLand will host a huge birthday party and a whole range of special events, such as a family workshop to craft these lanterns together, which we'll use at night as we head on a tour of our resort to celebrate the Mallorcan festival.

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