The most impressive places of Alcúdia

Alcúdia is an amazing area where you will find impressive landscapes and exciting traditions. Is the perfect place to have some family holidays surroundend by the nature and a great leisure offer too. Here we have 15 pictures that will give you some clue of why you can not miss Alcúdia and its surroundings.

1. Unvelievable crystal water

2. Charming streets and traditions

3. Have a relaxing walk through the promenade

4. And a lovely environment

5. Pure Nature (Cap de Formentor)

6. Typical markets


7. Which are perfect to have a walk

8. Places with history

9. That take us to the past

10. Corners to find peace

11. And find yourself too

12. Although it looks like Hawaii is truly Alcúdia

13. Postcards to have forever in your mind

14. The beautiful blue of Mallorca

15. We are very lucky to live here

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