Hello everyone!

We may have not met face-to-face but I’m quite sure that almost all of you have been in touch with me at some point. I’m the one who receives all the bookings as well as all the emails sent to reservas@seaclub.com or via our website´s contact form with the requests, inquiries, and any other additional information.

I love my job and one of the things that satisfy me the most is being able to meet your requests regarding the your room location.

I get a wide variety of requests considering the diversity of needs and wishes; a particular room number, a particular area, with afternoon sun, pool view but garden, near the car park… When I’m assigning the rooms it get´s really hard to conform with everyone’s desires, my colleagues laugh at me saying that “I´m playing tetris” but when everything fits together I’m feeling fulfilled because I know I’ve done my bit for you to have the greatest holidays possible.

And when you finally arrive at the hotel it will cheer me up if you ask about me at reception, that will mean I have done my job well, I will then be pleased to meet you downstairs and greet you and so we can eventually get to meet me face-to-face.

Greetings, have an outstanding winter everyone and see you from April 8 in Seaclub!


Just for the record:

1. On our website you will find the best prices and best conditions.

2. Although I would love to I can’t guarantee the requests but be sure I always do what’s within my reach.

Sea Club

Marketing Department